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Artificial lawns in Hertfordshire are not a new concept. In fact, many homeowners have been enjoying the benefits of installing artificial grass in their homes for many years now. Though you may think that natural grass is the best way to go, the truth of the matter is that nothing beats artificial grass, especially for homes where there are small children and pets! Don’t believe us? Well, keep reading because we are here to tell you all about why you need artificial lawns in Hertfordshire.

Protect your children from pollen and other allergens

It is a known fact that small children don’t have the kind of immune system that adults do. As their immunity is still developing, they are more prone to falling sick during the first few years of their lives.

As a parent, you know that you must protect your child from any harm. A great way to do so is by installing artificial grass in your home. This is because this type of grass inhibits the growth of weeds and dandelions, along with random wildflowers that contain pollen. Pollen is one of the most known allergens on the planet and many people end up getting sick because of it.

When you eliminate all pollen from your home, you can ensure that your child does not have to breathe it in and then suffer from hay fever. Additionally, the lack of soil beneath artificial grass also ensures that your child won’t be playing with worms or even swallowing dirt. This is really the best way to protect your children.

Protect your pets from ticks and pests

As a pet owner, you know that even though your dogs love the grass, this natural weed isn’t exactly good for them. Grass can cause a range of allergies and can make your dog’s fur fall out. More importantly, grass contains insects and ticks that can get into your dog’s skin. Ticks can be dangerous as they can even lead to tick fever, which can be fatal if not taken care of immediately. Therefore, you must do all you can to limit your pet’s exposure to insects and ticks.

If your children and pets like to play outside, make sure that you install artificial lawns in Hertfordshire to limit their exposure to any harmful external factors. We are experts when it comes to installing artificial lawns and have been doing so for years. Get in touch with us today.