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Things to keep in mind for an artificial grass installation in Hertfordshire

The process of artificial grass installation in Hertfordshire can be different depending on its purpose. In fact, the purpose for which the artificial grass is being used will determine the design, colour and landscaping as well. Therefore, it is important to have a clear idea of what you’re going to use it for when it comes to the installation of artificial grass. In this article, we will talk about a few points that will help you through this process.


First things first, you must be clear about what you need the artificial grass for. It can be anything, like a playground for your kids at home, a mini-golf course, the lawn at the front of your house or even using it to improve the aesthetics of your indoors. The installation of artificial grass for a playing field will have major differences when compared with that of a lawn or mini-golf course. The quality of installation determines the service life of the artificial grass and therefore it’s advised you seek expert help when installing artificial grass.


The style of grass you plan on using firstly depends on its purpose and then on the space available. Once you’re clear with the purpose, you will get an idea of what length you need. You should opt for short grass for playgrounds where children play but go for longer grass when it comes to lawns or sports fields for adults. However, do not go overboard and buy artificial grass that is too long, as it cannot stand erect due to its own weight. You don’t want a lawn that looks flat all the time. If it’s for some recreational area or for indoors, you can come up with creative ideas that will help improve the overall aesthetics of your house.


The colour you choose for your artificial grass will define the look you get. If it’s for the outdoors, it is natural that you will want a green colour. However, you can opt for any of the multiple shades of green for your playgrounds or backyard. For lawns, you can opt for artificial grass has different shades of green that gives it a more natural look to the lawn. Nowadays, you can even opt for different colours for your artificial grass as well to match your interiors. You can choose artificial grass carpets in a variety of different colours for your living room and different a more natural coloured one for your balcony. With the wide selection of colours, creativity is up to you.

Apart from these three points, you must also look for durable products that will last. You should look for heat, fire and frost resistant artificial grass if possible. Buying high-grade artificial grass and installing it with the help of experts will ensure that you get the best possible service life that lasts for more than 15 years.

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