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Save Water

You must be aware of the droughts that happen in many parts of the country. At a time when water conservation has become very important for society, we cannot afford to keep using water with negligence. When you go for an artificial lawn, you do not only save water, but you also get a captivating new addition to your home. People have increasingly started to opt for having an artificial lawn as they have discovered just how easy it is to maintain them, without the need for constant watering.


Research is important. If you do decide to get an artificial lawn, you will have to decide on a few things, such as colour, length and budget. To begin the research process, first have a look at all options that available to you. Here at Perfect Artificial Lawns, we offer a variety of products so you can pick the best artificial lawn to suit your needs. If you can’t make up your mind, you can request a sample so you can better visualise what each product will look like in your garden before you make your purchase.

Shaped lawn

If you decide that you want to have a shaped lawn, then an artificial lawn is the best option. The material can be cut into different shapes and sizes to ensure the perfect lawn. As far as placement is concerned, these artificial lawns can be placed practically anywhere, including those hard to reach areas which would otherwise have to be left bare as lawn mower/trimmer access would not be possible.

Value for money

An artificial lawn could be thought of as like an investment. If you consider the pricing of them and divide that by the number of years you will spend headache free, not having to worry about mowing your lawn or pests destroying your grass, you will realize just how cost effective artificial lawns are. You will actually save in the long run when you get an artificial lawn as well, because you will not be required to use lawn mowers/trimmers to keep it green and vibrant as they have a long life span.


It is also worth thinking about water drainage when considering an artificial lawn, as water build up can be a problem for artificial grass. Here at perfect artificial lawns though, we install new lawns flat but slightly sloping to ensure that any water runs off the lawn or seeps into the ground. All our products have drainage holes as well to allow water to pass through.

Get an Artificial Lawn

You can get an artificial lawn in Hertfordshire by contacting Perfect Artificial Lawns directly, either by phoning 0845 548 0055 or by sending us an email to info@perfectartificiallawns.com. With Perfect Artificial Lawns, you can rest assured that your lawn will be just that, perfect.