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Resin Bound Surfaces

Perfect for areas where you’d like the aesthetic of gravel without the untidy loose stones and maintenance issues that come with loose gravel surfaces, resin bound surfaces combine aggregate with porous resin to provide a tough, smooth surface that needs virtually no maintenance. Popular for driveways, parks and play areas, our resin bound surfaces are hand trowelled to provide a smooth finish. That means no loose, jagged stones to trap wheelchairs, pushchairs, bicycles and stilettos, to damage tyres or to cut little knees as found with traditional gravel surfaces. This option provides a neat and tidy finish to your outdoor space.
Unlike other solid paving options, resin bound porous paving allows water to drain through to avoid pools and water run-off flows forming. This is especially important in areas where there’s risk of flooding, which is becoming a serious problem throughout the UK. To achieve SuDS (Sustainable Drainage Systems) compliance, we’ll prepare the ground before installing your new resin bound surfaces in Hertfordshire, to allow maximum drainage and minimum environmental impact

Long Lasting:

We choose our materials carefully. The type of aggregate and resin used can affect the durability and long-term appearance of your surface. Our resin is formulated to provide UV protection to the aggregate it surrounds, making it resistant to discoloration, embrittlement and general degradation that is caused by exposure to UV light. It creates a slip-resistant, weather-proof surface that is ideally suited to high-traffic areas and areas prone to water spills, such as pool surrounds.

Minimum Maintenance:

With excellent drainage and a smooth surface that doesn’t allow weeds to grow through, upkeep of resin bound driveways in Hertfordshire is much simpler than trying to clean and maintain a gravel surface and much better for the surrounding environment than cleaning concrete or other non-porous surfaces with the help of skilled experts

Enquire About Our Resin Bound Surfaces

Available in a range of colours and finishes, our planning team can create stunning designs sympathetic to any surroundings. Call us to find out more about the benefits of resin bound surfaces and to start planning your design.