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The pros of us Artificial Grass

Artificial lawns have become an increasingly popular concept over the past years, becoming the number one choice for a perfect lawn that lasts all year. Artificial lawns increase the appearance of the gardens and keeps them looking beautiful no matter the weather. Each lawn is measured and cut to perfectly fit all matter of landscaping, from patios to flower beds. Artificial lawns don’t require watering, saving you money on your water bill.

Artificial grass requires very little maintenance, there’s no need for fertilizers because artificial grass doesn’t grow. With your lawn staying the same size all year round there’s also no need for a lawnmower. Taking in consideration the last two points, it’s fair to say that artificial grass is environmentally friendly, cutting back on unnecessary chemicals and possible pollutants.

They are durable and last for a long time, rarely losing their colour through constant use. Made from polyethylene, polypropylene and polyamide yarns, our artificial lawns are very affordable. Since they require less maintenance, artificial lawns are not very expensive in nature and are easy to use. Unlike natural lawns which require lot of care, artificial lawns don’t, only needing the occasional clean to prevent any unwanted odours.

Our Artificial Lawns are perfect for events such as garden parties and barbeques seeing as they don’t need watering you can avoid any muddy footprints. They can’t easily be dug up by your children or pets, keeping your garden free from holes and damage and keeping your home looking beautiful. Unlike natural grass, weeds have difficulty growing on artificial grass. We’re not saying they are completely weed free, you may still spot some around the edges of the lawn or in breaks, but with Artificial grass in Bedford you can certainly cut back the amount of weeding you need to do.

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