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Pros and cons of Fake Grass Hertfordshire

With an overgrowing popularity of fake grass around the world, we have made a list of pros and cons of fake grass in Hertfordshire, to help you understand whether you should opt for it or not.

Pros of fake grass

  • The best advantage of fake grass is that it’s not high maintenance. You don’t need to invest loads of time and money into it, which is something that a natural lawn will always need.
  • You save money on multiple fronts. Even though the initial cost of the fake grass maybe high, you can save a tremendous amount of money on multiple things. Since you don’t need to water the grass daily, you save a lot on your water bill. Likewise, you save on your electricity bill as you don’t use a lawn mower for fake grass, which otherwise usually takes a lot of electricity to run. Furthermore, you save money by not buying a lawn mower at all. If you have one, you can sell it and use the money for further beautification of the lawn or in the maintenance of the lawn.
  • It is environmentally friendly on different fronts. The most basic benefit is that you don’t need to water it twice a day. You just need to use water when you clean the turf. With fake grass in Hertfordshire, you are saving gallons of freshwater and helping the environment. Furthermore, by not using chemical fertilizers and weed repellents, you are saving the environment from toxic substances.

Cons of fake grass

  • One of the biggest cons of fake grass is that the material used is non-biodegradable and cannot be decomposed once it is no longer of use. Even though the synthetic fibres are made from recycled plastic, the inability to decompose is a big drawback for environmentalists. Therefore, it is important that you reuse the turf for other purposes.
  • Another factor that we can count as a con is that that it does not allow heat or light to pass through the surface of earth. This can affect the natural soil underneath and the different life forms like worms and old plants. This can also affect the fertility of the soil and can increase the groundwater level and make it dangerous in some cases.

Now that you know the major pros and cons of fake grass, you may decide whether you want to use it or not. If you buy the fake grass for your lawn, make sure that you use it in a sustainable and an environment-friendly manner.

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