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Top Features of Artificial Grass

No Watering Required A natural, organic lawn requires regular watering to keep it looking healthy. You’d have to set time aside or pay to have a sprinkler system installed. Artificial lawns don’t need to be watered. In fact, the only time you would ever use water on an Artificial lawn would be for the occasional clean. Synthetic grass is a perfect choice for those who don’t have enough time to be constantly keeping up with watering their lawns. Many people therefore use Artificial Grass Peterborough. No Mowing Required Mowing is one of the main chores when it comes to maintaining that perfect looking lawn. With a synthetic lawn you don’t need to worry about it overgrowing, it will stay the perfect length, keeping your lawn looking great. Synthetic grass doesn’t need mowing, so you can spend more enjoying it rather than working on it. No Weeds One of the biggest problems any lawn owner encounters is weeds. If you have a natural lawn, you need to make sure that weeds are regularly uprooted. Having an artificial lawn greatly reduces the appearance of weeds, though some may still make it through, removing them will require less effort. Durability Artificial grass is very durable, once you have installed it, you won’t need to worry about environmental damages as well as basic wear and tear. This material is prepared in such a way that it can withstand all kinds of climates, weather changes and pressure. It is UV-stabilized, so there’s no fear of it losing colour and you can be sure that it won’t fade even under the harshest sun. Safety Assured Since these lawns are synthetic, they don’t need fertilizers or pesticides for maintenance. Whereas natural lawns do, making our artificial lawns safe for the environment as well as people. Great Looking Regardless of the season or climate, artificial lawns will continue to look vibrant and full of life. They are made in such a way that they will run for years without reducing in colour and quality. They are perfect for people who wish to have a stunning looking lawn but don’t always have the time to keep on top of the maintenance that comes with a natural lawn. Due to its high quality, it is able to transform any unassuming landscape into a vibrant and lush scene in no time at all.

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Advantages of Artificial Grass

It’s fascinating to note that people are slowly becoming more interested in laying their lawn with artificial grass rather than the natural alternative. With people being more focused on their careers and family, fewer people have the time for gardening but at the same time wish to have the luxury of a beautiful green lawn. So they have decided to go for what needs less care and still satisfies their need. Many people therefore use Artificial Grass in Cambridge. Here are some advantages: 1. Ease of use: Artificial grass needs very little maintenance, compared to natural lawns that can take up to 2 hours for maintenance, and can free up a lot of time. It is worth mentioning two types of users who may find it very valuable: Great option for older people who cannot physically mow their lawns. Holiday home owners who are not always available to look after their lawns. 2. Environmental issues: With the weather constantly changing and temperatures fluctuating looking after your lawn can be a bit of a hassle. However, artificial grass will not be affected as they need less maintenance and no water. It not only helps the environment, but also prevents future problems such as damaged soil from winter or over fertilization in the summer. Here are some ways by which it contributes to the welfare of the environment. One can be sure that there will be no carbon emissions from petrol driven lawn mowers. Because they will not at all be required. It doesn’t require any fertilisers. Pollution from water carrying chemicals into the drains is minimized. 3. Other benefits. Though it is natural grass that one really looks forward to having, it surprises people to know the varied circumstances when artificial grass can be beneficial. Here is a brief list: Dog runs. Dogs love to dig the ground. But due to the kind of material it is made from, it can’t be dug up, is easy to clean and keep sterile and one can be sure that there will be no muddy paws making it a favourite at dog kennels. Swimming pools. It can be very useful as ground cover beyond the “splash back” area. No muddy areas will be left to carry dust and dirt into the pool, no ruts from the sun loungers and stays green whatever the weather may be.

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How to Lay the Turf

After preparing the area and installing the base, there is the final procedure which is related to Installing the Artificial Lawns. Laying out the Turf: Before the lawn is finally installed, it is very important to measure the area where the lawn will be laid out. It should also be known that dragging the lawn over the base may disturb the smooth surface so therefore, should be avoided. In most artificial turf, the fake grass blades bend in one direction. Make sure all the turf is installed with the blades in the same direction, or your grass will look less natural. The turf can be cut wherever necessary with a carpet cutter or utility knife as per the shape of the projected area. It is necessary to cut short distances at a time when long cuts are made and compared to the edge to make sure that there are no significant gaps. Drawing the cut line onto the back with a marker may also help. One should then seam the turf strips together. There are several ways to join two strips of synthetic turf. It is obvious that a product made by the same company that made the turf may provide the best results, since it will be designed for use on your lawn. Below are the most common options: You can line up the two strips close together, fold the edges back and lay artificial lawn Hertfordshire seaming material on the exposed base. It should then be allowed to dry after the seaming material is covered with the accompanying adhesive product and the strip is folded over it. You can also alternatively lay a length of seaming tape or strong outdoor tape on the ground and place the two strips on top of it. Infill or ballast can then be added to appropriate your product. It is seen that most artificial turfs require added particles to keep the bristles standing, weigh the grass down, and provide cushioning for athletic activities. Therefore, when the lawn is completely dry, a thin layer of one of these materials should be applied by hand or using a drop spreader. Then each layer is raked in order to smoothen it out. You need to repeat it until approximately half the blade length is covered. Best result can be found when material and amount of material specified by your product’s manufacturers is used. With this, the process comes to an end and you are done after you lay the turf. This is how Artificial Grass in Hertfordshire is laid.

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