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What to look for in good artificial grass suppliers in Hertfordshire

The durability and usability of artificial grass depend on its quality. If you’ve been looking to buy artificial grass for your home, workplace or play area, you might have noticed the huge differences in prices. It is advisable that you don’t buy cheap artificial grass as it could cost you more in the long run. You should always look for high-quality products that can save you a lot of time and money overall. Therefore, it’s imperative to understand that you need to look for good artificial grass suppliers in. Following are some of the points you need to keep in mind when looking for a good supplier. At what price point are they selling the artificial grass? One of the first thing that every consumer looks at is the price of the product. When it comes to artificial grass, the quality products are a bit expensive. Therefore, if you see someone selling artificial grass at ridiculously low prices, often, it’s safe to assume that the product would not be of high quality. You should start looking for products starting from mid-range and then go upwards depending on your budget, the use and the area to be covered. Does the supplier provide installation services? Installation is the most important process when it comes to artificial grass or lawns. If you don’t install it the right way, you will start experiencing all sorts of problems related to wear and tear, leakages, loss of colour and much more. Therefore, you must ensure that you buy your artificial grass from a supplier that provides installation services as well. How long is the warranty period? A good supplier will always provide high-quality artificial grass. The better the quality of the artificial grass, the better its durability. When you spend a large amount of money on something, the product is only worth it when it provides good returns or when you can use it for a long time. High-grade artificial grass along with a superior installation process will ensure that the artificial grass stays usable for more than a decade. Therefore, good artificial grass suppliers in Hertfordshire should provide you with a warranty period of at least 10 years. How many different options of artificial grass does the supplier provide? For a consumer, it is important that you have a range of options to choose from. A good supplier keeps a variety of high-grade artificial grass. It depends on the colourway, length of the blade, amount of silo required, the thickness of the grass and much more. So, if you see a supplier who provides multiple varieties of artificial grass based on these features but not on price, then that is the best place for you to buy your product.

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Save Money with Artificial Lawns in Hertfordshire

People can have second thoughts while opting for artificial lawns in Hertfordshire due to the initial cost involved. It’s important to understand that it is nothing compared to the investment of both time and money required when maintaining a lawn with natural grass. The benefits clearly outweigh the problem of the initial cost. Through this article, we will help you understand the clear benefits of using artificial lawns. You don’t need to water it every day For those worried about money, here is your first redeemer. In the case of artificial lawns, you don’t need to water them every day, cutting down on your water consumption and therefore reducing your water bill. Natural grass requires watering twice a day to stay fresh and strong whereas you only need to water artificial lawns only when you clean it. When you clean the artificial lawn, make sure that you use short bursts of water on the unclean area as this helps you save more water. You don’t need to mow the lawn regularly Mowing the lawn is an activity that not everyone enjoys doing, as it requires a lot of time. The maintenance of natural grass requires a significant amount of manpower along with a lawnmower. With artificial lawns in Hertfordshire, you don’t have to mow the lawn ever, saving you an incredible amount of time, energy and as lawnmowers require a lot of power it can save you a great deal of money too. Safe for everyone Natural grass comes with another set of problems and that includes weed repellents, manure, fertilizers and other stuff you need to provide the grass for it to flourish. Not only is it expensive, but it’s also not safe for everyone who may want to spend some quality time on the grass. These chemicals and fertilisers can be harmful to your health. This is especially true for children and pets as they are the ones spending most of their time on these lawns. Some pets tend to eat natural grass, which can cause health issues. However, they don’t tend to eat artificial grass making it the safer option for pet owners too. Looks good throughout the year The biggest advantage of having an artificial lawn is that it looks great throughout the year, whereas natural grass only looks good when it’s their season. An artificial lawn requires minimal maintenance and that’s only on the areas that see the most activity. With the high-quality grass involved, you get a perfect looking lawn throughout the year, regardless of the weather conditions and the intensity of activity involved.

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Tips on artificial grass installation in Hertfordshire

The installation process of artificial grass can be cumbersome for many and in some cases requires the help of experts. A few pro tips can help you with the artificial grass installation in Hertfordshire. Below is just a selection of tips from our experts that could make the installation process easier for you. Avoid using sharp sand as your laying course Sharp sand has been used for many years, some people still use it for the laying course and some manufacturers even still recommend it. It’s important to know that sharp sand is not the ideal laying course, as it comes with a lot of issues. Since the latex backing has many perforations, water can seep through the grass easily. More than 50 litres of water can pass through per square meter in a minute. This huge amount of water can wash away the sand lying under the artificial grass. Not only that but it can move around under heavy footfall, causing your lawn to slip and move, making the layer of grass uneven with pits and ruts. Use a weed control membrane When you remove the existing lawn, traces of weeds can be left behind. Therefore, it’s important that you use a layer or two of a weed control membrane, this will help keep the weeds at bay. You can install a weed control membrane on the turf before laying the sub-base and then on top of the laying course, that is just below the artificial grass. By adding the additional membrane, you block even more light reaching the soil and therefore stopping the growth of weed. Let it acclimatise Now, you may be thinking how can an artificial thing acclimatise to something? Well, you don’t have to do anything special, just lay the artificial grass and give it some time. The turf will be delivered rolled up, it will need a bit of time to straighten up and will do so within 24 hours. Once this is achieved, you can cut it according to your needs. Use silica for sand infill Using silica for sand infill is a great idea, as it will hold the grass in one place and maintain its form. It improves drainage and increases fire resistance as well. By protecting the synthetic fibres and backing, it ensures that your lawn looks aesthetically pleasing. Make sure that you do not overfill the grass with this as it can stick to your feet or the paws of your pet. Fill a thin layer of silica but thick enough to hold the grass upright.

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