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The Average Cost of Artificial Grass

When you’re looking for artificial grass in Hertfordshire, you can easily become overwhelmed with the wealth of information available to you. With a wider choice, quality and variety you should be eager to learn more about the artificial turf and how much it will cost to install in your lawn. This article aims to provide a list of factors that could drive the cost of the artificial turf: Square metres The most important factor that can affect the price is the area of lawn that you plan to cover. The cost will further depend on whether the area to be covered with the artificial grass has any odd shapes. The more intricate the area, the more will be the cost of the material you need. Installation/labour costs Generally, the installation and labour costs are covered along with the price per square meter of artificial grass. From whichever contractor you buy the turf, they will tell you the price including the installation cost. However, if you know how to, you can install it yourself and save the cost of installation. Keep in mind that a professional will know how to install the turf properly. Landscaping The surface itself is something consider when calculating the price of installation. If you already have a real grass lawn, then you need to calculate the cost of removal and then add the cost of installation. The variety of the turf There are a wide variety of different types of artificial grass, all different in style, colour and length. All our lawns are made from polyethylene, polypropylene and polyamide yarns, making them soft, realistic and durable. Different lengths and styles can also come at different prices. Our shortest style, the venetian dark turf, comes at £10.50 (not including vat) whilst our longest, galaxy, comes at £17.50 (not including vat). This is the price per squared meter and doesn’t include the price of installation. For more information on our prices or to order a sample of one of our lawns please get in touch today. You can contact via phone, email or by completing the contact form on our contact us page.

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Artificial Grass Gardening Ideas

Do you have a small garden, or are you just confined to a balcony for some greenery? It’s obvious that you don’t have enough room for grass, but that doesn’t mean you can’t. We can provide you with some ideas on how can you enjoy the beauty of grass in the small area you have. The use of artificial grass in Hertford will enable you to have your green space, a space for your children to enjoy. Artificial grass can do wonders to even the smallest spaces and here are some of the tips to achieve the desired results: Setting the grass stage The lush green texture of faux grass is the perfect choice for your lawn. This green space will be an ideal contrast to whatever colours you are wishing to put across the garden area. You can create a traditional centrepiece with bordering plants or even place your artificial grass in your living room. Using colours Use different colours to add vibrancy to your garden. It’s ideal to put the smaller plants in front and the tall ones at the back. However, if you have brought good vibrant plants, place them in the background for a nice backdrop to your garden. Create Destinations Who said you can’t create a cosy destination in your garden. Think of placing your comfortable chair table and a reading nook or create a dining space for you and your better half over the artificial turf Go vertical You can choose vertical and columnar greens with a narrow upright will help you have your garden area whilst making the most of the little space available. The height of the turf will draw the eyes upward and this will make the small garden appear larger. These vertical columns don’t take up a lot of room in regards of floor space and will leave enough space for your artificial turf. Raised beds Use rocks, wood, bricks and stones to create raised areas in your garden is always considered good. This will help you elevate your lawn, decking or patio. Create these raised beds adjacent to the grass and make the edges wide enough for a double bench seating.

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Improve Your Homes Appearance With Artificial Grass

You always have a wide array of options to explore and play with when it comes to the interior decor of your house. What you need are ideas, options and most importantly the will to make your home look beautiful. Here, in this article we shall talk about some of the areas which you can consider decking up to enhance the decor of your home. Remember, each change should be personalised, so that not only will they live up to your vision but also reflect you. Remember, your home is an extension of you. Make necessary repairs- Check if there are items (including furniture) that need repairing. Sometimes, if done properly, simply repairing something can make the product look brand new. Separate the items in the space that need repairing from the items that are to be replaced and from the items that are to be preserved. Go for a theme-based setting- Try to choose a theme for each room. There are different choices at your disposal. Theme adds a very classy appearance to the house. Furniture is the heart and soul of your house- It is one of the most important aspects as far as decor of your home is concerned. New sets of furniture can add vigour to an old place as much as a new place. So, in case you are short on furniture or if you have been using the same furniture for a couple of years, then consider buying new items. Furniture is a great medium of showing your personality and hence, goes with designs that are niche. Consider decorative storage- Storage is an integral and utilitarian part of almost every household. But it is not just limited to the utility of storing. Storage can be a very potential medium of complimenting the interior decor of the house. Lighting- The lighting of the house is a very important aspect. When you change the lighting in the house or in the rooms, you give it a different look, appearance and feel, all-together. Garden/Lawn- A garden or a lawn can add a very beautiful touch to the decor of the house. Now, it is obvious that not all houses have the privilege of the space for managing a garden, either the space is very limited, or it is absent. How exactly do you achieve the perfect appearance then? Well, the alternate solution to that is artificial grass. These require low maintenance and can be easily installed almost anywhere, inside the house. For artificial grass in Watford, consider Perfect Artificial Lawns.

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