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Lawn Maintenance: Natural Grass vs Artificial Grass

Maintaining a lawn has its own aesthetics perks. A good and beautiful lawn can uplift your spirit and improve your mood. However, not everyone can put in the time to take care of a lawn. Maintaining a beautiful lawn takes time and consistency. That’s why more people are making the switch to artificial grass. Out artificial lawns look just as eye catching as natural grass, with the added bonus of requiring almost no maintenance. In this article we are going to look at the differences in natural and artificial lawns.

Water requirements
A natural lawn requires frequent watering to remain lush and green, this can be just once a week or in the high heat of summer once every other day. Without the constant watering you could see your lawn turning a nasty shade of yellow and dying. However, artificial grass doesn’t require any water to remain looking healthy. You may need to use a small amount of water if you’re cleaning your lawn, but it can go indefinitely without the need of water. Even in the highest heat of summer, it will never fade and will remain a beautiful shade of green.

Length Control
With a natural lawn to keep it at the optimum length you need to mow it regularly and if you have a large lawn this can become very demanding. Since artificial grass doesn’t grow, it will remain the same length all year round. You choose the length when you order, and it will remain that perfect length, the only cutting required is to make sure it all fits perfectly.

Pest and Weed Control
It’s the bane of gardening, removing weeds and pests. You spend more time weeding your lawn than anything else. Nothing is worse than spending so much time removing weeds and laying down weed and pest killer, only to have to repeat this later that month. Each of our lawns come with a weed prevention membrane that detours all weeds. You may still find the odd one around the edges but removing one is a lot easier than an entire lawn of them. As for pests, because the grass is fake, our lawns don’t attract pests so there’s no need to use pest removal.

Environmentally Friendly
With each point above it’s clear that artificial grass is the more environmentally friendly option. It doesn’t grow, so there’s no need to use fertilizers and saves water. Not to mention the power saved from not having to use a lawn mower. There’s no need for pest or weed killers, cutting back on the harsh chemicals used.

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