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Installing the Base for Artificial Grass

England, we take our grass and green areas for granted. Certain regions of the world do not support the natural growth of grass or for that matter any natural vegetation. In such cases, many choose artificial grass installers Hertfordshire. For years artificial fields have been used to carpet football, cricket and hockey grounds. Games like these demand grassy fields, but a natural growing field is not always possible and deteriorates quickly in heavy tread areas. Science provided the solution to the issue many decades ago and these days artificial grass is appearing in private spaces as the quality and aesthetic have improved. Not only in places where climatic conditions does not support natural growth, but also in places where one cannot afford to spend much time gardening but want a green and natural looking outside space to relax. There are some beautiful examples of Artificial Grass in Bedford.

Here are some ways of how we can install the base:

Adding the base material:

  • One needs to purchase fine crushed rock, gravel, or decomposed granite, with particles that are not larger than 10 mm. These are then to be filled in the excavated area up to 3-4 inches which was made ready in the first step itself. This will help one to prevent slumping and improve drainage.

Grading the base:

  • The next step needs you to use a landscaping rake to smooth out the base material. It is advised that you should use a bubble level, string, and ruler to grade the flat surfaces to something supports a 2–3 foot drop per 100 feet, sloping down to the drainage system or curb.

Moistening and compacting the base:

  • In order to lubricate the particles in preparation for compaction, the gravel or sand needs to be sprinkled with a garden hose or watering can. Then a plate compactor, roller compactor, or hand tamp can be used to compact the material into a sturdy base.

Rolling out the lawn:

  • In order to let the turf recover its shape, unroll the artificial turf somewhere to the side as it takes some hours to come back to the real shape after being transported in rolls. You should take some time to see if the base is dry and smooth before you continue. If the base is not smooth, further compact the surface. Where the base is lower than expected, add an additional layer of base material and prepare as per the previous instructions.

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