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Installation of artificial lawns

We all want to have that perfectly maintained lawn, lending that picture-perfect look of professional landscapes which can amplify the charm of our surroundings. Owning a beautiful lawn is more like a priority than a choice these days and landscaping makes it look like a visual treat.

For all those looking forward to installing artificial grass, here is a short but helpful guide:

The entire installation procedure majorly depends on the base. For instance, if you’re considering temporary installation then you need to ensure that the surface is smooth and plain. To remove the different kinds of imperfections from the surface, self-leveling can be used.

For the installation of a permanent base, the basics remain the same i.e. the first step is to ensure that the surface is clean and smooth. You can follow the same procedure by using a self-leveling tool. Now simply the lay the grass on the smooth and plain surface. Make sure that you leave about 50 mm of grass on each side. You also trim it off later for that perfect edge. Leave it for about 3 hours as this will prevent the grass from creasing and wrinkling. Now, you can easily cut and trim the artificial grass and make sure that you’re cutting to the edges of the walls. Always use a good quality glue to make strong joints. In case of wooden surface, you can also use a combination of carpet tacks and adhesives to fix the grass down.

By installing an artificial lawn, you work towards improving your landscape and to ensure that, you need to keep into consideration several things, including the design aspect. You can also look for professionals who can help you by surveying and installing your lawn for you. Also, make sure that you pay special attention to areas that are uneven including the hillsides. Mapping of the area is also an important task to do to determine the amount of space you will need to grow plants or to leave some walking space. If you contact us for an enquiry one of our experts will first survey your lawn, answer any questions you might have and determine which of our lawns are for you. Following this, they will then give you a free estimate of a price for the installation.

So, if you’re in Hertfordshire you can qualify for free delivery on any of our artificial grass Hertfordshire. Contact us today for an estimate price and to order samples of our artificial lawns in Hertfordshire.

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