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How to take care of your artificial lawn after installation

Once you’ve gone through with the installation of your new artificial lawn, it is crucial that you take care of it with equal care and precision. The biggest advantage of using an artificial lawn is that you don’t have to invest huge amounts of time and money into maintenance. This doesn’t mean that you should forget about the lawn, post instalment. Below are a few tips on how you can keep your lawn looking as good as new for as long as possible.

Be careful with the stuff you carry

It’s easier said than done but it’s important that you be careful with the things you carry around while spending time on your lawn. Try not to spill anything on to the grass, as some of the things like oil, grease, chewing gum and other such things can ruin the texture and appearance.

Be quick to act

When something spills on the grass, make sure you act quickly to remove the stain by taking the necessary actions. You need to be quick to make sure that the stains don’t last long enough to leave a permanent mark. The fake grass can get dirty due to spillage of food or beverage or your pet leaving their mark. Mop the area with a wet towel to remove the stain and then rinse the area with water and detergent. Make sure that you use cold water for a thorough rinse.

For stubborn marks caused by oil, grease, crayons or something like that, you can try an ammonia solution, but keep in mind that this may not work in all cases. You may use a few drops of spirits on a towel and then mop the area to avoid any marks. For things like chewing gum or other sticky things, use dry ice or aerosol refrigerants to freeze the gum and then remove it.

What to do with the pet’s poop?

When it comes to your pet’s poop, the key is to let it dry. Once it is dry, it is easier to remove it and clean it subsequently with the help of water and other detergents. You can rinse away the urine spots and other spots with cold water.

Keep the lawn clean

You need to clean the lawn on a regular basis. You should clean the debris, leaves, branches or other things with the help of a thick brush and leaf blower. This is extremely important in areas where you experience regular thunderstorms or high-speed winds. You can cut the excessive branches of the shrubs and trees if they are near to the lawn. Make sure that you rinse the turf occasionally even if you experience none of the above problems. This will help in preserving the longevity of the artificial grass.

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