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How To Maintain Your Artificial Grass In Stevenage

It’s a common misconception that artificial grass requires absolutely no maintenance. True it does require less maintenance than natural grass, but artificial grass still needs some care and maintenance. It only requires a little time from your busy schedule and you can keep your artificial grass looking beautiful, keeping your dream of a lush landscape a reality. Do not worry the maintenance is a piece of cake and can be done easily in an afternoon.

Once you’ve made the switch from natural grass to our artificial grass in Stevenage, you’re now free from all the tasks associated with conventional lawn care. Cleaning an artificial lawn is a lot easier than a natural one. Let’s say you’ve just finished hosting a garden party with a few friends and family. With natural lawn there could be muddy footprints to clean, all sorts of debris to pick up and quite possibly holes to fill where furniture has dug in. With artificial grass there’s no mud or holes and cleaning up rubbish and debris can be done easily with a broom or rake.

You can pick up the big things by hand off your artificial grass; you can sweep the lawn, rinse it or rake it. Your artificial grass in Stevenage is strong and resilient. You can make use of leaf blower, lawn rake, and lawn brush to clean the organic and non-organic wastes from the lawn. A stiff-natural brush will do its work well and if you love automation, purchase a power broom and let it do its work while you relax and enjoy your cup of coffee.

Artificial grass is less likely to attract insects and other pests. However, they will still be attracted substances spilt on the grass if not cleaned up in time. Still, these are easy to handle. Apply vinegar and a common household cleaner and rinse everything with water. You can use water on full force so if something is stuck deep within, it will come out easily. Moreover, you can make use of the organic turf spray. So, it’s plain to see that whilst there is still some maintenance in regards of artificial grass it’s still a lot less than that of natural grass. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch either by phone or email. We also have a warehouse and showroom that you can visit and see our beautiful collection of artificial grass.

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