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How to Lay the Turf

After preparing the area and installing the base, there is the final procedure which is related to Installing the Artificial Lawns.

Laying out the Turf:

Before the lawn is finally installed, it is very important to measure the area where the lawn will be laid out. It should also be known that dragging the lawn over the base may disturb the smooth surface so therefore, should be avoided. In most artificial turf, the fake grass blades bend in one direction. Make sure all the turf is installed with the blades in the same direction, or your grass will look less natural.

The turf can be cut wherever necessary with a carpet cutter or utility knife as per the shape of the projected area.

It is necessary to cut short distances at a time when long cuts are made and compared to the edge to make sure that there are no significant gaps. Drawing the cut line onto the back with a marker may also help.

One should then seam the turf strips together. There are several ways to join two strips of synthetic turf. It is obvious that a product made by the same company that made the turf may provide the best results, since it will be designed for use on your lawn. Below are the most common options:

  • You can line up the two strips close together, fold the edges back and lay artificial lawn Hertfordshire seaming material on the exposed base. It should then be allowed to dry after the seaming material is covered with the accompanying adhesive product and the strip is folded over it.
  • You can also alternatively lay a length of seaming tape or strong outdoor tape on the ground and place the two strips on top of it.

Infill or ballast can then be added to appropriate your product. It is seen that most artificial turfs require added particles to keep the bristles standing, weigh the grass down, and provide cushioning for athletic activities. Therefore, when the lawn is completely dry, a thin layer of one of these materials should be applied by hand or using a drop spreader. Then each layer is raked in order to smoothen it out. You need to repeat it until approximately half the blade length is covered. Best result can be found when material and amount of material specified by your product’s manufacturers is used. With this, the process comes to an end and you are done after you lay the turf. This is how Artificial Grass in Hertfordshire is laid.

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