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Get the best artificial grass installers in Hertfordshire

We have all experienced the multiple layers of maintenance our lawns require to keep the healthy and good looking across the year. While there is always a case to be made for natural grass in the lawns and making sure that you are as close as possible to the nature, in today’s times with our hectic lifestyles round the clock, it is always a good idea to find alternatives to the regular maintenance of the lawn. One extremely convenient and practical alternative is the installation of artificial grass in your lawn. Saving up on the time, effort and cost of maintaining the lawn all year round, artificial grass can be a very durable and good looking solution to all your lawn problems. All you need to do is select the right artificial grass type based on the look you’re going for and the kind of use you are expecting the grass to be put through, and then just sit back and enjoy a lush green lawn for a long time. We are among the leading artificial grass installers in Hertfordshire and we make sure that you get the exact look and feel you desire for your lawns when thinking of installing artificial grass.

Our services begin right from the ideation stage and we make sure that our team is there with you at every step of the entire process in order to help you get complete satisfaction from the decision of going for artificial grass for your lawns. The first step includes selecting the grass to suit your requirements and the vision you have for your lawn. You get to choose from a selection of four artificial grass types, each covering multiple facets. The first type is the Claire, which is perfect for the areas you feel will have the highest foot traffic. At 30mm, this is the shortest grass variety in the selection. Next in line is the Eden grass, which is very well suited for the lawns that you want to have the perfect green look. Having three shades of green and thatch finish, the Galaxy grass gives the lawn a completely natural look. Last but not the least, with a length of 45mm, the Virginia grass offers complete luxury at all times. With its ultra soft finish the grass makes for the perfect option for you if you are looking to walk barefoot or sit in the grass, while your children and pets can play safely in the soft artificial grass.

Being one of the best artificial grass installers in Hertfordshire, you can be assured that you will get high quality services from our team at every step. Right from using the highest quality material to the best practices followed from installation, we ensure that you get the very best.

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