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Garden Parties and Artificial Grass

If you’re planning on hosting a garden party in your backyard but are worried how your lawn looks, then artificial grass could be the answer. With a party comes a lot of footfall which, with current weather forecast for Autumn, could lead to a lot of muddy footprints.

In this article we are going to talk about some of the ways you can create the best garden parties.

Setting a theme:

Nowadays, there isn’t a party without a theme. They’re great for setting up a party, allowing you to make appropriate arrangements whilst letting your guests know what to expect. Themes basically set the tone of your party and it provides an appealing visual foundation for everything from sending invitations to food and even decorations. Whether you’re planning an informal get together or a special occasion, a themed party is great for setting the mood. To figure out what kind of theme you want to go with, think of what the event is about, a birthday, baby shower or engagement party and then choose a suitable theme.

Some party ideas:

Go with a garden theme: there’s no need to go for something jazzy; you can keep it simple. You could fill your garden with a wide range of beautiful flowers. As for a colour scheme, you can choose either bright colours, whites or pastels, depending on the occasion. The rest can be decorated with theme inspired decorations for example, Halloween is coming up, so you may decide to go with some spooky decorations to really get that theme going.

Garden parties are always fun and relaxed. People can often get bored of attending big glamorous parties at large venues so, when you invite them to a garden party, they know they can relax and enjoy it to the fullest. Set tables, parasols and chairs asymmetrically. You can put up a gazebo if you’re expecting poor weather, arrange a buffet seating, and let your guests enjoy the party, as they like. Try to make use of the natural light if the party is arranged in the daytime.

One of the main reasons we suggest you opting for artificial grass in Watford for such a party is the after party maintenance. With natural grass you’ll have imprints, muddy footprints and possibly even holes from furniture. However, with artificial grass you don’t need to worry about these, our lawns are strong and durable meaning they’ll just spring back no matter what you hit them with. Cleaning them just takes a brush and maybe a quick rinse for anything that has been spilt.

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