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Installing artificial grass in any space can be a difficult job. The process of installing artificial grass is more complex than just rolling out a roll of fake grass and one that requires professional help. We’re here to tell you about all the prep work that goes into preparing your area for artificial grass installation in Hertfordshire!

Starting with the weed killers

Artificial grass is fake grass, which means weeds won’t grow on it, so you’ll want to get rid of any weeds that already exist. So, the first thing that a professional will do is prepare the area with the help of a weed killer. This will ensure that for as long as the fake grass is there, there won’t be any real vegetation in your lawn. This process is generally initiated about 2 weeks before anything else is done, as you need to make sure that all the grass and weed are dead. By using products like Round-Up, we kill the existing vegetation and your lawn is ready for the next step!

Removing the sod

The next step is to start removing at least 3-4 inches of the topsoil or sod from the area. This requires a fair bit of digging and moving dirt, so you’d want a professional’s help for this. This step is generally carried out to ensure that the base of the fake grass can be placed properly on the lawn. Once that is done, come rain or shine, nothing will remove it from its place (unless you want to remove it, of course).

Ensuring that drainage is taken care of

When it rains, you don’t want your lovely artificial grass to flood over, do you? You need to ensure proper drainage at all costs to prevent this. If your fake grass is being placed over good soil that allows drainage, then you don’t have to worry about this because the materials used to create this grass are generally permeable and allow the water to drain through into the soil. However, if you’re having the grass installed on concrete, then you will need to create an alternate drainage area to ensure that the flow of water is taken care of.

We are professionals in this field and can help you with your artificial grass installation in Hertfordshire. If you need to see grass options or just need help with the installation, then we are the right people for you. Just get in touch today!