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Creating a Low Maintenance Garden

If you’ve been dreaming of having that perfect lush green lawn but the idea of the upkeep is putting you off, then installing artificial grass may be the way for you. We all know how busy people these days are, working almost 40 hours a week and then setting time aside for family and other errands, we don’t have time to look after our lawn. However, that doesn’t mean the aesthetics of our home should suffer.

So, how do you do it? Here are some of our takes on creating and maintaining a low budget yard.

  1. Install artificial grass

Artificial grass is the perfect foundation for a low maintenance yard. No matter what surface you have, whether it’s vast, small, flat or sloped you can install artificial grass. With the help of our professionals it’s quick and easy to install artificial grass in Biggleswade and enjoy your hassle-free lawn.

  1. Don’t just have grass

As beautiful as our artificial grass is, don’t just leave it at that. You can create gorgeous flower beds with just a handful of rocks and your favourite flowers. There are hundreds of ways you can create a beautiful garden, from rock features, water features or even a collection of garden gnomes.

  1. Go natural

Going natural in terms of greenery, trees and bushes, is a great way to fill your garden with vibrant green colours with little maintenance. Apart from the occasional trim, bushes and trees require little maintenance as they get most of what they need from nature.

  1. Make use of hardscapes

Go for eco-friendly and low maintenance material for pathways and patios. Whilst having your artificial grass installed you can work with our staff to create a stepping stone like feature for a pathway.

You can view our products on our website and even order samples of each lawn. For more information on our products and services please get in touch today to see how we can help you create that low maintenance garden of your dreams. We also have a showroom and warehouse where you can see our products first-hand.

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