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Caring For Your Artificial Grass in Milton Keynes

Artificial turf or artificial grass in Milton Keynes is popular due to it requiring a lot less maintenance and because of its environmentally friendly aspects. When compared to natural grass, it is much easier to keep and maintain. However, easy care doesn’t mean no care at all. Of course, you just can’t leave it like that; you need to pay attention to the artificial grass on your lawn. You can’t just expect it to remain beautiful on its own. It needs a little bit of your attention to protect itself from outside dirt and debris.

Here we go through a number of ways in which you can protect your artificial grass in Milton Keynes:

Your decision to buy and install the artificial grass in your lawn is worthwhile and this decision will require a small portion of your time each week to keep it maintained and looking as good as new.

How to keep your lawn beautiful:

  1. With summer coming up you’re most likely planning on hosting a few garden parties, these can leave a lot of rubbish and spillages. The best way to clean up after this is simply picking up the larger bits of rubbish by hand, you can easily use a brush for the rest. With spillages a quick rinse will get rid of these.
  2. If you have pets, you will need to pick up after them. After that a simple rinse or wipe with a non-oil-based soap will soon clean that up.
  3. With artificial grass you shouldn’t have to de-weed your lawn. However, there may be some growing at the edges. Each of our lawns are installed with a weed repellent layer, meaning you shouldn’t experience any.

Surround your artificial grass with other flowers

A great way to keep your artificial lawn looking lush is to surround it with complimenting flowers or landscaping. When we install our lawns we consult you first, if you’re thinking of having a flowerbed, we will cut and shape our lawns to fit. If you would like to order samples of our lawns or learn more about how to maintain your lawn get in touch with us today.

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