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Swimming pools and artificial grass in Bedfordshire – it is a match made in heaven. When you have a good, spacious home, a swimming pool will add beauty to your abode. Swimming pools can improve the quality of your lifestyle and in addition to this, installing artificial grass near the swimming pool will enhance the look and feel of the swimming pool.

If you’ve been abroad then you’ll have seen the pools in hotels and resorts, the majority of these are surrounded by hard materials such as concrete or marble. No matter what the material is, these materials get cold in winters and becomes incredibly hot in summer. Your kids can get hurt walking on these surfaces during summers. However, with artificial grass, this will not happen. The concrete and bricks can even create a hot and humid atmosphere around the pool, spoiling your relaxation.

Not only do these surfaces get too hot, the splashes of water can make the surrounding area slippery and this increases the likelihood of your kids slipping. These situations ruin the fun of swimming. Get artificial grass installed around the swimming pool and see the difference. Artificial grass is soft under the foot, it won’t get hot and it is non-slippery. No matter, how much water comes out of the pool, the artificial grass drains and dries fast.

Artificial grass in Bedfordshire is easy to install and you can place it on any surface, including that surrounding the pool, creating a seamless transition from the lawn to the pool.

You may be questioning, why use artificial grass when you can just grow natural grass? Simply put, there’s a lot less maintenance required with artificial grass. With natural grass surrounding a pool you’ll constantly have to clean blades of grass from the pool. Not only that but with a lot of water splashing or wet feet you’ll create a lot of mud, which in turn will make its way back into your pool or home.

If you’d like to learn more about the artificial lawns we have available, please feel free to browse our website. We also have samples of our lawns available to order so that you can find the perfect lawn. Contact us today either by phone, email or by filling out the contact form on our contact us page.