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Do you have a small garden, or are you just confined to a balcony for some greenery? It’s obvious that you don’t have enough room for grass, but that doesn’t mean you can’t. We can provide you with some ideas on how can you enjoy the beauty of grass in the small area you have. The use of artificial grass in Hertford will enable you to have your green space, a space for your children to enjoy. Artificial grass can do wonders to even the smallest spaces and here are some of the tips to achieve the desired results:

  1. Setting the grass stage

The lush green texture of faux grass is the perfect choice for your lawn. This green space will be an ideal contrast to whatever colours you are wishing to put across the garden area. You can create a traditional centrepiece with bordering plants or even place your artificial grass in your living room.

  1. Using colours

Use different colours to add vibrancy to your garden. It’s ideal to put the smaller plants in front and the tall ones at the back. However, if you have brought good vibrant plants, place them in the background for a nice backdrop to your garden.

  1. Create Destinations

Who said you can’t create a cosy destination in your garden. Think of placing your comfortable chair table and a reading nook or create a dining space for you and your better half over the artificial turf

  1. Go vertical

You can choose vertical and columnar greens with a narrow upright will help you have your garden area whilst making the most of the little space available. The height of the turf will draw the eyes upward and this will make the small garden appear larger. These vertical columns don’t take up a lot of room in regards of floor space and will leave enough space for your artificial turf.

  1. Raised beds

Use rocks, wood, bricks and stones to create raised areas in your garden is always considered good. This will help you elevate your lawn, decking or patio. Create these raised beds adjacent to the grass and make the edges wide enough for a double bench seating.