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Artificial Grass for Playground Flooring

Artificial grass has become an increasingly popular choice for playground flooring with several our customers being from nurseries and primary schools, all who use our artificial grass. For those who are wondering why it’s so popular:

Child friendly

Parents and guardians are overjoyed hearing that artificial grass is being used in place of natural grass as they know it means no mud, no dirt and absolutely no grass stains, which keeps children clean and makes that increasing pile of washing ever so slightly smaller. As children love to play outdoors without a care for the weather, our artificial grass is the best all weather playground flooring which is low friction reducing potential injuries.

Easy Maintenance

Our lawns are so easy to maintain that once you have installed them you can practically put your feet up. As your lawn is going to be prone to some dirt and debris, it is recommended to either apply soapy water or a light detergent spray to dirty areas. In the case of leaves, it is recommended to use a strong brush or rake to clear them. The grass also benefits from an annual hosing down and with the application of a weed killer two times a year you can prevent any weeds from appearing.


Our artificial grass doesn’t have to just be plain green; we offer a variety of vibrant colours to make our lawns fun and creative for the children. If you’d like to learn more about what colours we have on offer, then please call us today. If a person is looking for a traditional lawn for their playground flooring, they can absolutely do that. However, if people would like to base their playground design on a theme or they simply want to let their children’s imaginations run wild, they can do that too.

Some ideas for the playground

  • Traditional games like hopscotch
  • Fun golf
  • Pond/wildlife area
  • Grass design that help children learn the alphabet or how to tell the time
  • Fun themes like desert island, pirate ship, space
  • Road safety theme for educating children.

There are other brilliant ideas from many different artificial grass installation companies in Milton Keynes.

More to the idea

Also, the artificial grass range for play areas comes in various shades of green with different pile heights and various textures. There are also shock pads with underlay that have purpose to give extra protection to the people on the artificial grass.

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