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We are proud providers of the Avalon range. After many years in this industry we have found Avalon to supply the highest quality products, which we are more than happy to offer our 10 year guarantee against.

Venetian Dark

Our Venetian Dark artificial grass has the shortest pile height of all our products. At 26mm, it's perfect for areas that will have a high level of foot traffic.

Cost £10.50 not inc Vat

Venetian Light

Our Venetian Light artificial grass, another one of our shortest, also stands at a length of 26mm.

Cost £10.50 not inc Vat


Our Piemonte artificial grass is made of a beautiful dark green, giving it a lush finish.

Cost £12.00 not inc Vat


Our Majestic artificial grass is the ultimate when it comes to luxury. At a length of 40mm, it is super soft under hand and foot.

Cost £15.00 not inc Vat


Our Eden artificial grass is perfect if you’re looking for that perfect lush green lawn.

Cost £17.50 not inc Vat


Our Galaxy artificial grass has a more natural look. With three different shades of green and thatch finish.

Cost £17.50 not inc Vat


We also provide a variety of accessories

Glue and Hardener

10kg Tub

Cost £30.00 not inc Vat

Glue Cartridge

350ml Cartridge

Cost £5.00 not inc Vat

Joining Tape

Joining Tape

Cost £0.50 not inc Vat

Green softwood Treated Sleepers

Green softwood Treated Sleepers - 2.4m

Cost £14.00 inc Vat

Kiln Dried Sand

Kiln Dried Sand - 25kg

Cost £2.50 not inc Vat

Sharp Sand

Sharp Sand - 25kg

Cost £1.40 not inc Vat

Geotextile Membrane

Geotextile membrane - 4m width

Cost £0.50 not inc Vat

Lawn Edging & Fixing Pins

Aluminium lawn edging & fixing pins - per 3 metre length

Cost £20.00 not inc Vat

Crushed Limestone Chippings

2-6mm crushed limestone chippings - per tonnes

Cost £20.00 not inc Vat